EBL Spring Split comes to an end

The very first Esports Balkan League Split for Diamant Esports came to an end and despite our slow start, we almost made playoffs, narrowly missing it by a single win.

Our process at the begining of the split was straightforward: let’s make open tryouts for everyone that wishes to participate, construct a team out of signups and challenge the competition. We had more than 30 eager players trying out and managed to pick a young team with potential, lead by young but hungry and motivated coaching staff of Legocan and Flarke. KTSR, Boby, Foxie, Shy Carry and Nadro represented us and fought under our banner in the first half of the season, but after starting the journey with only 2 wins and 6 loses, we made a much needed change to our starting lineup.

After adding new jungler and midlaner in xaiyen and Crocomux, we turned the ship around and started to play like a true contender, finishing the split with 6 wins and 8 loses, narrowly missing playoffs by just one win. In the end, we did learn a lot and being this close to playoffs really sparked something in us going forward and into the Summer Split. We ended the season with a commanding win against Auxesis Esports, the team that ended up 3rd in the playoffs. In case you missed the game, here are the highlights.

Competing is fun and exciting, but we really wish to be a contender on our journey to becoming one of the esports powerhouses of the region. Our aim is to field one of the best League of Legends teams in the upcoming EBL seasons to come.