Valorant roster announcement

After two months of contemplation, we are proud to annouce our new Valorant roster that will look to build on our growing presence in the competitive Valorant scene.

We believe coaching is an important part of esport teams, so soon after previous contracts expired, we already reached a verbal agreement with Pavle “Pakko” Kostić, who will continue to be the brains behind the operation. His experise, dedication and hard work are commendable and we are happy to have him on board for our next journey in Valorant.

Next up, we wanted to look for some stability, so we considered all of our previous players. In the end, we reached an agreement with Grmek, Patix and Prti, who will continue to represent black and orange in the upcoming tournaments. This time around, Grmek will be the captain and our in-game leader. Last two spots were filled with Al1en, a Slovenian player who again and again showed his value on various tournaments, and runneR, a young and up-and-coming player from North Macedonia, who is eager to prove his worth on higher tiers of competition.

  • Tilen “Grmekista” Grmek
  • Patrik “Patix” Rozman
  • Alen “Al1en” Pašić
  • Ivan “Prti” Erak
  • Emil “runneR” Trajkovski
  • Pavle “Pakko” Kostić as head coach

You will be able to follow our new team in action on Slovenian National Championship as well as other regional tournaments.