vcl east surge 1st split 3rd place

3rd at VALORANT Challengers East: Surge

Going undefeated in the group stage was an achievement in itself, but our team failed to reproduce the form in the playoffs, finishing on still respectable third place in VCL East: Surge 2024 Stage 1.


2nd at Game Gang Show 2024

After beating an experienced Slovenian team in the semi finals, our young League of Legends team lost the grand finals to finish the event on the second place.


1st at CS2 Slovensko državno prvenstvo 2024

EŠZS held the first national championship in Counter-Strike 2 at Game Gang Show 2024, with Diamant Esports taking it all on stage in front of the crowd.

dia ebl 2024 spr

3rd at EBL 2024 Spring Split

Our young and promising League of Legends team finished third at EBL 2024 Spring Split, proving that they are a force to be reckoned with.

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1st at HOPsi x Mimovrste Counter-Strike 2

Our Counter-Strike 2 team managed to beat the competition and secure the win at HOPsi x Mimovrste CS2 tournament, held in Ljubljana in December 2023.

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3rd at VALORANT East: United - Season 2 League

Our VALORANT team didn't have a lot of time to prepare for the off-season VALORANT East: United Season 2 League, but managed to finish the competitive League on the third place.


Top4 at Sigma Cup 2023

Sigma Cup 2023 was the last event of the year for our League of Legends team. After winning the EBL Pro-Am 2023 with ease, we qualified for Sigma Cup finals in Belgrade. Our team was bested in the semi finals of Sigma Cup. Despite the underwhelming result, it was a decent epilogue for our 2023 League of Legends roster.


1st at EPICENTER 22

EPICENTER 22 was an epilogue for our summer VALORANT team and they managed to win the tournament among the local competition, further cementing Diamant Esports as the best VALORANT team in the region.

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1st at EBL 2023 Summer Split

August 2023 was when Diamant Esports won its first regional title. After coming close in Spring split, there was nothing that could stop our League of Legends team on the path to glory. Finishing second in the regular season and overthrowing both opponents in the playoffs, Diamant Esports became the first Slovenian organization to win EBL.

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1st at HOPsi x Mimovrste VALORANT

Our summer VALORANT team managed to qualify to the main event of HOPsi x Mimovrste VALORANT tournament, held in July 2023 in Mimovrste store (BTC City, Ljubljana). There, they held their own ground and won the tournament without dropping a single game.

3rd at VALORANT Challengers East: Surge

Second in the regular season, third in the playoffs is where our VALORANT roster placed at VALORANT Challengers East: Surge, which is a remarkable achievement. After very close matches against Acend and Enterprise in the playoffs, our players took home the bronze in June 2023.

2nd at EBL 2023 Spring Split

After finishing regular season on the first place, our League of Legends narrowly lost in the finals on the grand stage and achieved a respectful second place finish in the 2023 Spring edition of the Esports Balkan League. Finals took place in Belgrade Fair in April 2023.

1st at Game Gang Show 2023

Our VALORANT team took down the biggest Slovenian esports event to date in April 2023, on stage in front of the live audience. Event took place in Gospodarsko Razstavišče in Ljubljana.

1st Valorant Balkan League - Season 3

In December 2022, before the official regional circuit VALORANT Challengers started, our team participated in and won the third season of Valorant Balkan League, yet again proving that they are the team to beat in the region.

1st at Games.CON 2022

Two tournaments took place on Games.CON in November 2022 in Belgrade, and our VALORANT players brought home two trophies. On the second day, they won the prestige tournament hosted by Fortuna, further showcasing Diamant's superiority in the region.

1st at RURxVBL VALORANT Tournament

November 2022 was full of playing on stage and epic achievements, as among other, our VALORANT team won a RURxVBL VALORANT Tournament at Games.CON in Belgrade.

2nd at Sigma Cup 2022

Final four of this interregional tournament took place in November 2022 in Athens Olympic Sports Complex. Our League of Legends team won the EBL Winter ProAm cup to secure the spot in the Athens, where they made it to the finals and lost in a tight and close series to miss out on the trophy, but walked home with silver.

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2nd at VALORANT East: United Stage 3 Finals

Preseason for our VALORANT was in full swing and VRL teams were allowed to participate in Stage 3 of East: United. Our team made it to the finals and secured the second place finish.

1st at VALORANT Balkan Showdown

Without dropping a single game, our team brought back the trophy from VALORANT Balkan Showdown, where the very best teams and players from the region fought for the glory. The tournament took place in Osijek in October 2022.

1st at 3. Slovensko državno prvenstvo

In October 2022, our VALORANT team lifted the second consecutive trophy as champions of Slovenia, defending the title and solidifing as the best VALORANT team in the country.

3rd at EPICENTER 21

After a long and successful regional league, our League of Legends players met in Celje in August 2022 for a local tournament that took place in the venue at Celjski sejem. They ended up taking the bronze.

3rd at EBL 2022 Summer Split

First podium for our League of Legends team. They ended the regular season on the second place and third at EBL 2022 Summer Split in August, which marked the first top3 finish of a Slovenian organization in Riot's ERL circuit.

2nd at VRL 2022 East: Surge Stage 2

July 2022 marked a milestone for Diamant Esports, as our VALORANT team finished second at the VRL East: Surge, where the very best teams from 23 countries participated to become the champion of the largest region of VRL circuit.

1st at 2. Slovensko državno prvenstvo

Our VALORANT team continued their dominance in the local competitions and took home the official title of Slovenian national champions in May 2022.


In March 2022, our newly acquired VALORANT team won its first Slovenian tournament without dropping a single game.



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